Welcome to My Bugbook and the Membership options page.

Please select the level of membership you want to take out.
Basic membership is free and comes with a fully fledged social media platform away from the Orwellian dictatorship of Facebook’s thought police.

Create as many for sale groups, swap groups, rehoming groups as you like.

Add prices to everything you like.

Create as many friend connections as you like – Facebook limits you to 5000, we don’t.

If you want to take advantage of discounted entry to Bugfest’s and Entocon’s invert shows, you may want to take out a £1 a month (paid annually in advance) subscription which gives you 50% discounted entry to ANY Bugfest/Entocon organised event (does not include events where Bugfest is booked by external customers as the entertainment providers).

Please select a membership level.

Level Price  
Basic Membership Free. Select
Basic Membership Plus £12.00 per Year. Select

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