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My Bugbook is also hosting a quarterly magazine "Bugbites" which you can contribute to if you like.

My Bugbites 2 Sep 2020

Have a look at some of the exciting articles in this issue below, no spoilers though, if you want to read all ninety four pages, you have to subscribe.

With all the traders here in one place, it's like your own virtual exotic pet show - and it's growing daily.

Head to the trader pages of your choice to find out who has what for sale.

All you need to do, is subscribe - it's only the equivalent of £3 a month

Magazine Subscription Level

Twelve Months of social media and My Bugbites Exotic Pet Magazine. Only £24 per year (equal to £2 per month)

Social media and Bugbites level members benefit from 50% off the entry price to any Bugfest/Entocon organised event in the UK.

The My Bugbites Magazine is full of exciting articles from the world of natural history. There are contributions from hobbyists as well as the magazine's regular writer.

This membership plan gains access to The forthcoming e-zine, due September 2020 with contributions from professionals and hobbyists alike – why not submit articles of your own for publication?

Full Membership Level

Coming soon: My Bugbook and Other Animals. Only £36 per year (equal to £3 per month)

Full members benefit from social media, My Bugbites Magazine, My Bugboo and Other Animals and FREE ENTRY to any Bugfest/Entocon organised event in the UK.

An on-line natural history book that will grow as it is added to over time with pictures and embedded video. Something to really look forward to.

Why are you charging for membership?

Whilst there are free options out there, the so called freemium options are very much slimmed down, but you still have to pay $4.50 a month for the full unlocked version – approximately £4 a month.

My Bugbook is fully featured.

For The equivalent of £3 a month at full membership subscription rate you get:

FREE admission to ANY PHYSICAL Bugfest/Entocon organised event in the UK (does not include events where Bugfest has been booked by another party).

A continuously evolving social media platform.

Access to a quarterly exotic pets and wildlife on-line magazine (My Bugbites).

Access to the on-line wildlife book – My Bugbook and Other Animals.

These publications take time to compile and the software to produce them, and this website, and the web hosting all cost money – which has to be recouped somehow.

You also get:

COMPLETE freedom to create for sale posts, for ANY exotic pet (reptiles, amphibians and inverts with the prices without fear of groups being deleted).

A safe haven for REGISTERED re-homing facilities to post details about their animals desperate for forever loving homes.

All the world’s traders (well, the ones who want to take part) in one place, and easy to find.

The subscription fee is going to discourage rogue traders and illegal brown boxers, who will be removed from the platform – they won’t want to be forking out £36 a time to create new fake profiles!

With all that in the equation, is it not actually a great deal?

And besides, the servers we are going to need for this as it grows will be very expensive, and so will the teams of people we will need to employ in time for back end web mastering, development and engineering, and dealing with user enquiries and needs.FREE3

Thank you for your support, and we hope you join us in this, the most important mission - taking our hobby back.
See you inside,

The My Bugbook Team